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4 Signs A Warehouse's Epoxy Floor Needs Markings

Many warehouses have epoxy floors due to the relative simplicity of installation and maintenance. However, these locations often require warehouse floor epoxy line marking. If you're wondering whether your warehouse's epoxy floor may need markings, check for these four signs.

Safety Incidents

Workers often have safety incidents when there are no demarcations of zones or if the available signage is insufficient. Folks driving forklifts, for example, may need to see warehouse floor epoxy lining to the sides of their vehicles to be sure they're staying on track. Reduced visibility, especially when they're moving loads, makes it challenging to just look ahead and avoid collisions. Using a lining system that forces everyone to follow one route in and another out of an area significantly reduces collisions and other safety incidents.

Difficulty Finding Locations

Even if a warehouse is fairly small, finding locations within it can be tough. Many warehouses lack visible landmarks that make navigation easy. Also, shelves, inventory, machines, and people can all obfuscate landmarks that are present. If your team members often take wrong turns or have to get on the radio to ask for directions within or near the warehouse, you might want to adopt a warehouse floor epoxy line marking system.

Low Productivity

People aren't always overtly aware that there's a problem. Especially if safety issues are low and workers do get where they're going, it might seem like there isn't an issue. However, you could see a different story when you look at the productivity numbers.

If the analytics are telling you that productivity could be better, you should explore whether warehouse floor epoxy lining could be the answer. Added directions in the warehouse can often help workers complete tasks faster.

Poor Customer Satisfaction

Businesses that handle fulfillment from their warehouses might also notice problems with customer satisfaction. One possible cause is that workers are struggling to locate items and move them through the warehouse. Especially if you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs, the simple act of getting to each one might not be so simple in practice.

Warehouse floor epoxy lining can break the space into several zones. You can associate each zone with one type of product. This reduces the mental load of finding each zone, speeding up the process of narrowing in on where one item is. Once you start identifying item locations quickly, you'll probably see an uptick in customer satisfaction with the fulfillment process.