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Commercial Seal Coating For Your Parking Lots Protects In Multiple Ways

Does your business manage one or more parking lots as part of its property? If your parking lots are made of asphalt, you likely know that you'll need to keep an eye on things to ensure safe conditions for everyone who drives or walks onto your property. One specific maintenance task you should be getting done about once per year is commercial seal coating. Here's why regular seal coating for your asphalt parking lot is a great idea for your business.

Protect From Sun And Water

Asphalt surfaces can wear down over time just from exposure to the elements. If your asphalt has cracks in it, it will be easy for the sun's UV rays to penetrate down into the lower layers of asphalt and weaken it further. In addition to the sun, you'll also have to be mindful of water from rain or melted sleet, ice, and snow. When water gets down into the cracks, it will once again weaken the asphalt and make it more likely that a crack expands or turns into a pothole.

Protect Employees And Customers From Injury

If your asphalt parking lots have multiple large cracks, you could be putting your employees or customers at risk of injury. No one wants to start their day at work by tripping over a crack and falling on their face. As a business owner, you don't want your customers to have a negative interaction with you while they are still out in the parking lot and not even inside the building yet. Not taking care of your asphalt lots could make employees think you don't care about the business or give customers such a bad first impression that they will move on to your competition.

Protect Your Company From Liability

If someone does get injured on your property as the result of you not taking care of your asphalt parking lots, it's possible your business could be held liable for the injury. Getting commercial seal coating on a regular basis shows that you care and can help defend you from a claim of negligence.

Protect Your Initial Investment

You already spent a good chunk of change getting those commercial asphalt parking lots installed to begin with. Commercial seal coating can go a long way toward helping you to protect your investment. Regular seal coating for your lots will dramatically expand the life span of those lots so you'll be getting more long-term value out of your initial investment.

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