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Once you have a paved driveway, you'll wonder how you ever got by without one. Pavement is so much easier to sweep in the summer and to shovel in the winter. It does not require a lot of maintenance, and it won't leave debris in your yard like a gravel driveway. Most people hire professionals to install pavement in their yard, but you should still know the basics. On this website, you will find information about choosing a paving contractor, designing a driveway, and applying sealant to your pavement. You'll also learn about common terms that paving contractors use when discussing projects.


Three Areas To Pave At A Community Park

Paved roads and driveways are a fixture in many communities, but there are several other areas that can benefit from paving. If you work for a local branch of your government that is planning the construction of a community park, you'll want to think of the various paved surfaces that can benefit this space. You should then reach out to a few local paving services to discuss your plans and get some price quotes that you can compare. Here are some things that you may wish to get paved at your community park. 


It's common for community parks to have paths that weave through them. Paths can be dirt or gravel, but a paved path offers a higher-end look and a better surface for local residents to enjoy. For example, it's much easier for a parent to push a stroller along a paved path at the park than on a gravel one. You can evaluate the space and decide how you want the path to look. A simple idea could be to just have an oval-shaped path around the perimeter of the park, but you may decide to have it wind its way around trees and other elements to give it more of a stylish look.

Basketball Court

A basketball court is a valuable addition to any park, providing space for teens and young adults to keep active after school and on weekends. A large, paved pad is a good foundation for basketball. Depending on how much space you have available, you can discuss how big you want the basketball court to be. In larger parks, the paved pad is big enough to hold multiple basketball courts so that several games can take place at the same time.

Picnic Area

While people can picnic anywhere they wish within the park, some people will prefer to be in an area with rows of picnic tables and a structure overhead. A lot of community parks have a paved pad that contains several picnic tables and has a roof to protect people from the elements. Think about how many families you expect will use this space at the same time, and then decide how big the slab should be. You can also think about what shape you want it to be. For example, you might choose an "L" shape to offer more visual interest than a simple rectangle.

Reach out to a local paving service to discuss these ideas.