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Is A Good Foundation Necessary When Installing An Asphalt Surface?

When building any structure, you first need to think of the foundation. Ideally, the base needs to be strong enough to carry the weight of the remaining structure for many years, regardless of its usage or weather conditions. Ultimately, this same principle should be applied when constructing an asphalt surface. As such, you must construct a solid foundation, so the surface doesn't crack or break apart because of pressure. Besides, you want your pavements or parking lot to last many years and reduce maintenance and repair costs. Here is why a good foundation is recommended. 

Water Will Drain Efficiently

The foundation of the asphalt surface will significantly impact the drainage. Hence, it should be laid out in a way that can channel different forms of precipitation. Note that the water will need to go somewhere when it rains heavily. So, if the sidewalk, parking space, or driveway foundation isn't correctly constructed, water will gather and form puddles. Ultimately, the moisture will start to seep into the surface and cause the formation of cracks. As other elements enter the surface opening, the cracks will grow larger and crumble to form potholes. So make sure the foundation is laid correctly to promote proper drainage.

The Surface Will Promote Safety

Safety is of utmost importance in every property and should be prioritized even when constructing an asphalt surface. Given this, a solid foundation will ensure that it is quicker and safer for people to walk or drive on the paved area. Further, a good base will prevent the formation of depressions and cracks, as the gravel layer will not sink quickly. This minimizes the probability of tripping or falling. Such a base also insulates the top layers in winter, making it difficult for ice to form. But if the base is not robust and the paved area is exposed to excessive moisture, new cracks will form and expand due to the freeze-thaw cycle.

The Area Will Require Minimal Repairs

Minimal repairs will be required throughout the pavement's lifecycle when a surface is built on a good base. Further, you will not experience problems like ponding that occur due to a sunken base. In addition, the base won't break down prematurely and make the rocks shift or move because of pressure, which causes cracks or warps.

As you can see, you must build a strong foundation if you want to lessen the asphalt repair costs. Make sure you assign the task to an asphalt paving professional so they can consider the best process and materials to use.

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