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Reasons Using Recycled Asphalt Is Beneficial For Your Driveway

Asphalt paving takes on many forms. The most common form is in roadwork and parking lots or garages. Asphalt can also be used in residential driveway paving as well. If you are considering an asphalt driveway, you may want to look into recycled asphalt options. Here are some of the reasons recycled options may be beneficial for your driveway. 

Reduces Waste 

Many people are focusing on eco-friendly lifestyles, including waste reduction. One of the ways you can reduce waste is by reducing your use of plastics and other similar one-time-use materials. You may not know you can actually use recycled asphalt as a way to reduce waste. Instead of bits and pieces of asphalt ending up in landfills or at the bottom of waterways, you can recycle them into new asphalt. This greatly reduces waste and helps the environment heal. 

Price Range

In addition to being kinder to the environment, recycled asphalt is also kinder on your budget. Asphalt is already one of the more common and affordable paving materials on the market. When you use recycled asphalt for your asphalt paving projects, you will notice the price decrease even further. Recycled asphalt does not take as much energy or many materials to create. Therefore the price from manufacturer to asphalt company is lower and the price to you is ultimately lower. 


Durability is a vital part of any paving or construction job. You need to know that your driveway will hold up under various conditions. You also need to know it will withstand years of daily use. When you use recycled asphalt, you have the peace of mind that your driveway is durable. In fact, there are studies that show recycling asphalt increases the durability and strength of the material. This gives you a long-lasting and solid driveway that can withstand most of the more common daily exposures. It will also offer a material that will allow water to drain and wick away without cracks and other related damages other materials may have. 

If you are ready to schedule asphalt paving services, contact the area contractor of your choice. They can discuss your options as well as any special upgrades you would like on your driveway. They can also discuss the options available that are eco-friendly or fall under the recycled category. If you have further questions about the process, the contractors can answer those for you during a consultation.