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Tips To Keep Your Commercial Building Parking Lot In Great Shape

Your commercial parking lot likely provides you with a great lease income as a commercial business, but there are tasks you need to take care of to keep the building in excellent condition for its tenants. Included with these maintenance tasks are parking lot maintenance and asphalt care. Here are some great tips and ideas to help you keep your commercial building asphalt paving in the best condition and keep it a safe area of your property.

Apply a Protective Seal

When your asphalt parking lot begins to age, it will fade from its black color to a light grey that will become brittle and crack easily. Because you want your asphalt parking lot surface to be slightly flexible to withstand the weight of vehicles, you should restore its flexibility with a sealcoating layer. Sealcoating will restore the flexibility to your parking lot pavement and also restore its color, water-resistance, and durability.

Asphalt sealcoating is a recommended treatment you can complete every few years. But depending on the climate and your pavement's aging, you may need to apply it more or less frequently. Talk to your asphalt professional about a good schedule for your pavement to be sealcoated. 

Handle Parking Lot Safety

Safety within your parking lot applies to pedestrians and also drivers who travel through your parking lot. A parking lot needs to have visible lot striping to establish an organized parking arrangement and prevent crashes due to poor visibility and organization. And it is important that you make sure to have the lot lines spaced appropriately and in accordance with ADA to keep your vehicles and customers safe. After you have the parking lot sealcoated with a protective sealant, follow it up with a new application of reflective painted striping. Your asphalt professional can apply the striping to meet all parking lot safety and quality standards.

Patch and Repair Cracking Damage

Keep up on maintenance after your parking lot has been resurfaced by watching out for any cracking damage. Cracks can be a safety hazard in your lot, especially at night when the area is not illuminated well. Patching them early will prevent them from forming potholes and further damage. Make a regular inspection of your parking lot's condition or assign this task to your building maintenance team. Then, you can arrange for an asphalt professional to make the needed repairs.

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