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3 Ways To Deal With Oil Spots On Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Oil spots on your parking lot are not only an eyesore, but they can also eat into your asphalt and cause damage to the surface. Oil spills can accelerate the breakdown of your pavement and should be taken care of right away.

Way #1: Clean Fresh Spots

The best time to take care of an oil spill is when it is fresh. If you spot a fresh oil stain on your parking lot, take the time to clean it up right away.

To clean up the oil spot, put a little environmentally friendly detergent on the oil spot, scrub it down quickly with a scrub brush, and then clean the space off with some water, using the spray attachment on your hose until the oil is gone.

As oil spills are common, it would be a good idea to keep a container of environmentally friendly soap or cleaner and a scrub brush set aside just for dealing with oil spills so you always have the supplies to take care of this issue.

Way #2: Use Heat Treatment for Deep Stains

You can't always catch an oil spill as soon as it happens. If you notice an oil spill that has been sitting there long enough that it has soaked into your asphalt, you need to use a different method to get rid of the oil.

If the oil has soaked in but not caused the asphalt to pit and break up, the area can be cleaned up using infrared heat. Infrared road repair, also referred to within the industry as IRR, is a professional technique where infrared heat is applied to the area to heat it up and remove the oil from the spot. Generally, the treated section is removed and patched with new asphalt.

This repair technique is something you can do on your own. This is something you would need to bring in an asphalt repair professional, like those at Arrow Blacktop & Masonry Inc, to handle.

Way #3: Protect the Surface

Finally, you can take steps to guard your asphalt against oil spills over the long-term by sealcoating your parking lot. Sealcoating is a process where a protective layer is applied to the top of your asphalt. This protective layer is designed to protect the core of your asphalt driveway and is made to get beat up by the daily wear and tear. With a heavily used parking lot, it is a good idea to sealcoat it once a year to protect the integrity of the asphalt underneath and to keep your parking lot looking fresh and new for customers.

Oil stains can break down your pavement. When you see a fresh oil stain, clean it up with environmentally friendly detergent. For deeper stains, hire a professional to use infrared heat treatment. To really protect your asphalt, get it sealcoated at least once a year.